Sometime in my thirties, I started to neglect my health.

A mom of two, trying my best to take care of everything. I felt like I needed to be a super mom, a corporate ladder-climber, a completely engaged wife, a social butterfly, while trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I couldn’t do it. Any of it. In my struggle to “be it all” I ended up being nothing - or so I thought.


After many years of frustration and disappointment, and thousands of dollars on quick-fix diet programs... I finally landed here. A place of feeling enough. I have learned to be patient with who I am and to enjoy the process of change. I have learned to shut out the constant noise of health advice and listen to my body and feed it what’s right for me.


I’m still not the super mom, the corporate ladder-climber, the completely engaged wife, the social butterfly, nor do I look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I am better. I am happy. I am calm. I am on this constant evolving journey of self-respect and this time, I am loving every minute of it.


It’s time to stop the chaotic cycle and start living the healthy life you have been envisioning.




About Me

I’m a former 20 year veteran of the cubicle lifestyle with a focus on marketing. Until recently, I let my job define me. “I am a marketing manager.” However, now I know I am much more.


I am a starter. I love a brand new year, the first day of the week, back-to-school time, and mornings. I try to use these times to to challenge myself to be the best me I can be. I make “mistakes” as everything doesn’t always work out as planned. But I am learning to accept that it’s okay! I can start again the next day, or even in the next moment.


I am adventurous. There isn’t a sport or activity I wouldn’t try. For me, it’s not about winning. I love how I feel when I am outside. I love learning anything new. I love to feel a little bit out of my comfort zone. And I love meeting new people and sharing time with friends.


I am a cook. Well, I’m trying. I love experimenting with different foods and recipes and techniques. Not only do I get to see if my creation tastes good, but also how it makes me feel. Sometimes I pull out a win, and sometimes not. It’s all part of the fun.


I am full of life. To me, success is counted in laughter. I try to fill my days with as much as possible. Having a labradoodle and a goldendoodle who have full reign in our house pretty much increases our daily laughing quota.


I am empathetic. I have yet to meet a person I wish to judge. I truly believe we all have our own story; our pasts that have made us who we are. We all have the ability to become who we want and I feel compelled to help women find their own path in becoming who they want to be.



  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (in progress)
  • Global Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
  • CPTN Certified Yoga Specialist
  • Canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist

You are not too old and it is not too late.
— Rainer Maria Rilke