Work With Me


Work With Me

You are overwhelmed and you don’t how to stop it.

You know you want to make healthy choices with nutrition and exercise - but where do you find the time or summon the energy?!?


Thoughts incessantly run through your head…


“If I eat eggs and toast for breakfast, then a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato for lunch… Uh oh - is that too many carbs? Does tomato count for a vegetable or fruit; I think fruit. Wait a sec - are tomatoes carbs? Am I going over my daily allowance of carbs? And hold up - how much fat is in the eggs? Too much? Is it good fat or bad fat… help me!”


“I’m going to workout tonight. I hate working out. Working out will make me feel good. But it’s so cold out. Just get to the gym and let the endorphins flow. I think I feel a tickle in my throat. Working out will give me more energy. But I feel tired, maybe I should nap instead. I’ll go tomorrow.”


“I am going to yoga right after work. Oh wait, I have a meeting at the end of the day - I will go to the later class. Shoot, we need some groceries. I’ll do a quick stop after my meeting - I’ll be able to make it if I hit all green lights. [Calendar alert goes off] Oops, the kids have hockey at 7:00pm. Oh no! What can I make for dinner?!? [frantic] There’s no time! Forget it, I’ll pick up dinner again. [sigh] I guess I’ll forget about yoga too.” [double sigh]


Sound familiar?


Work With Me

Work With Me

Just imagine…

  • Consciously choosing nutritious options; foods that you love and make you feel great
  • Having control of what, when, and where you eat; refraining from the “no holds barred” weekend binge
  • Looking forward to your “sweat session” (exercise does not have to suck!)
  • Saying goodbye to constant chaos and feeling calm while you knock off your “to-do’s” - making room for the “want-to’s”


Most health programs are either super restrictive, require ongoing special ‘supplements’, or are a “one-size fits all” program (#beentheredonethat). I do things a little bit differently.


Together, we can put an end to extreme dieting, chaotic schedules, and putting yourself last. We all have the capacity within ourselves to live a life full of energy, happiness, and excitement.


I don't believe the exact same program works for everyone. We all have different likes and goals; different lifestyle and life circumstances.

Here’s what we will cover:


  • Learn to tune out the “diet noise”, put an end to restrictive dieting, and really listen to what your body needs.

  • Discover what triggers you to choose to less-than-healthy foods and learn strategies to overcome them.

  • Learn to love to eat again without that inner voice causing you guilt, anxiety, and stress.

  • What to look for when shopping at the grocery store and what “healthy claims” to avoid.

  • How to plan healthy whole food meals that are fast, tasty, and appealing to everyone. (Ok, almost everyone. Most of us have that one super-picky eater :) )

  • How to determine what foods are helping you thrive and which ones aren’t.



  • Take control of your busy schedule through the adoption of simple routines that free up more time.

  • Identify type(s) of fitness activity you want to do and that will easily fit into your lifestyle and commitments.

  • How to move toward your optimal healthy lifestyle without it feeling like a monumental undertaking.

  • Recognize the importance of self-care to diminish overwhelm and enhance peace of mind and patience.

  • Discover which habits, behaviors, and thoughts aren’t helping you and learn what does.

  • Create the social life that you want, without sacrificing your personal goals or values.


  • Understand the importance of goal setting and how to implement incremental, attainable steps.  

  • Attract positive outcomes in your life by eliminating self-limiting behaviors that sabotage your success.

  • Recognize the power behind the practice of being grateful.

  • Learning how to overcome obstacles that will arise without it interrupting your path to success.

  • Understand the benefits from failure and how to appreciate these circumstances.

  • How and why to let go of the competitive mind to find absolute well-being.


I've custom crafted 2 options for you depending on your needs.


Let’s get you started on a path towards your healthy lifestyle! We will uncover challenges that are unique to your life, and provide the beginning steps in developing healthy habits and a clear mindset.


Together we’ll discover what is holding you back from living the healthy lifestyle you want!  We will map out a master plan - specifically for you. You will gain an understanding of what works for you - and the tools to make them stick!